Top Wooden Essential Oil Diffusers in 2021

Essential oil diffusers are super popular these days for good reason. They are an inexpensive way to make your home smell great as well as support our health naturally. Here are some of the top all natural wooden essential oil diffusers that require no electricity but will still meet your aromatherapy needs.

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A Little Background On Diffusers

Did you know that not ALL diffusers are the same? The main thing that differentiates diffusers is the way in which they diffuse essential oils.

There are a few kinds out there such as nebulizing diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers, heat diffusers, evaporative diffusers and lastly wood diffusers. Knowing how to use them is helpful. Only two of these diffusers below don’t use electricity which make them perfect for on the go or travel. Find out which below!

Different Types Of Diffusers

Evaporative diffusers are diffusers that allow the oil to simply evaporate into the air without the use of electricity. Because essential oils are so volatile, this happens quickly but are not always as effective. Reed diffusers are an example of this.

Ultrasonic diffusers are the most common type of diffuser. It’s the first one I ever bought for my classroom. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to release the oil molecules. The result is a fine mist that disperses into the air. Kind of like a humidifier. They also have lights which some people enjoy.

Nebulizing diffusers work like a perfume atomizer. They disperse the oils using air flow and suction rather than another element. These types of diffusers are the “best” when it comes to quality. They allow for the most concentrated aromas.

Heat diffusers simply use heat to diffuse the oils. They work well and are inexpensive but are not recommended since essential oils do not like heat. Heat can change the composition of the oils which isn’t what we want.

REAL wood diffusers are an all natural way to enjoy the aromas and benefits of essential oils. They are made from actual wood. They work by allowing oils to seep into the wood, eventually slowly releasing the oil molecules into the air. These also do not require electricity and are great for travel or if you’re always on the go.

Check out this list of top car oil diffusers!

Wooden diffuser on table with essential oil dripping onto it.

Will A Wooden Diffuser Diffuse The ENTIRE Room?

Probably not.

You want to make sure your diffuser is able to fill the entire room you’re in so ask yourself this question. “How large is the room I want to diffuse?” Is it a tiny cubical? Small office? Perhaps a half bath? If so, a wooden diffuser will work fine.

If you are looking to diffuse a larger family room or bedroom, you might want to steer clear of evaporative wooden diffusers.

Some diffusers will work better in larger areas than others, you want to pick one that is made for to cover larger square footage. True evaporative diffusers (aka real wood diffusers) will NOT fill a room as effectively as ultrasonic diffusers do. Ultrasonic are usually the best to diffuse really large rooms. (Look for ones with a larger water capacity.)

Diffusers made from REAL wood are great for travel and taking on-the-go since they do not require any electricity!

The Best Wood Diffusers Out There

If you are looking for a faux wood diffuser, check out these top diffusers on Amazon that have a wooden look.

If you are looking for a TRUE wood diffuser that is made from real wood, see below. They are definitely tricky to come by since they are not as popular as the faux wooden ultrasonic ones but they ARE still effective.

Here are some NATURAL wood diffusers I have found with prices. All of which use no electricity!

KonMari Wood Diffuser $34.00

Aromatherapy Wood $11.99

Japanese Cypress Wood Diffuser $58.00

Ornamental Wood Diffusers $19.99

Minimalism Wood Diffuser $12.99

Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser $8.00

Essential Oil Wood Inhaler $22.50

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are also a type of wooden diffuser because of the reed sticks being made of wood. The essential oils seep into the wooden sticks releasing the oils through evaporation.

Some reed diffusers are:

Lavender and Eucalyptus Scented Stick Diffuser

Capri Blue Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser Sticks

Faux wooden diffuser on a table.

Ultrasonic Diffusers That LOOK Like Wood

If you are just looking for a diffuser that has a wooden look, I’ve got you covered. There are plenty out there that are inexpensive.

Here are a few of the most popular ones off of Amazon that have good reviews.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser (400ml)

Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser w/ Remote Control (400ml)

Essential Oil Diffuser, Rattan Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (150ml)

Here are some wooden grain looking diffusers.


Is wood a good essential oil diffuser?

If you are looking for a portable diffuser to infuse small areas/rooms than yes.

Does wood absorb essential oils?

Yes! This is why wooden diffusers work. Some woods will absorb essential oils better than others so choose softer woods.

What wood is best for diffuser?

You want to steer clear of hardwoods. Instead, opt for softer woods like pine, cedar, rosewood, and basswood.

Wooden reed diffuser on table.

Final Diffuser Tips

When buying a diffuser, understand that some will work better than others. If you want to diffuse a small space, wooden diffusers will work. But if you’re looking to infuse a large room, wooden diffusers may not be the best choice.

You may need to use more oil than you want in order for the aroma to be noticeable. With that said, they are super convenient on the go and the fact that they don’t require water, electricity or any maintenance is a huge bonus!

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