how many drops of essential oil to add to 100ml diffuser?

Diffusers are the most popular way to diffuse essential oils these days. They are inexpensive, easy to use and effective! Below I talk about the recommended number of drops you should add to your 100 ml diffuser whether traveling or at home.

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You can add up to 5 drops of essential oil in your 100ml diffuser.

A good rule to follow is to add 5 drops for every 100 milliliters.

Note* You do not need to use a carrier oil when using a diffuser. The water acts as it’s own carrier oil.

Tips For Filling Your Diffuser

Most diffusers are the same and are very simple to use. You can start your simple 100 ml ultrasonic diffuser in just 4 steps!

  1. Rotate or pop open the lid. This differs depending upon your device.
  2. Add water to the reservoir. Many experts recommend using distilled or purified water instead of tap water. This is because of the minerals in tap water that can potentially build up in the tank over time. If the diffuser is inexpensive, use tap water with the intention of replacing it sooner than usual.
    1. Fill the tank up to the line that says 100 ml.
  3. Add 5 drops of your choice of essential oil. You can mix and blend different oils however you like but keep in mind oils have notes and some notes work better with others.
  4. Press on button/set timer. Every diffuser is different. If your diffuser has a timer, set that and press start. You will start to see the mist trickle out as the aroma diffuses.

Learn exactly how to use and clean your diffuser!

How Long Does a 100ml Diffuser Run?

This depends on the brand of your diffuser. With that said, they all will run for at least 30 minutes which is the recommended maximum amount of time you should diffuser essential oils. If the room your diffusing is small or large, this time may vary a bit.

Popular Oils To Diffuse

Did you know that essential oils have a shelf life? Make sure your oils have not expired!

Cleaning Tips

Whether you use your diffuser daily, weekly or monthly, you should get in the habit of cleaning it out.

Bacteria and mold can grow which is NOT good to diffuse.

Plus, if you are changing essential oils each use, you may not want any residual oils left in the tank.

Do a quick clean pre-use by wiping the tank down. Do more of a thorough clean every month using white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and a clean tissue. Q-tips are ideal for those hard to reach spots.

  • Clean your tank quickly before every use by taking a paper towel or tissue and wiping the inside down.
  • Rubbing alcohol can be used for a deeper clean once or twice a month.
  • Run the diffuser normally for 5-10 minutes with white vinegar to thoroughly clean the tank. (Leave the room for this since the smell isn’t lovely.)
  • Don’t use chemicals inside your tank. They will destroy it.

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Dropping essential oil into a 100 ml diffuser.

Can You Put Too Many Drops In Your Diffuser?

Yes. This is why general guidelines say 3-5 drops per 100 ml.

Diffusing too much essential oil will result in a very strong smell and can have adverse side effects causing you to be dizzy, get headaches, vomit or possibly cause allergic reactions.

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