High Vibration Essential Oils

Although ALL essential oils have pretty high vibrational frequencies, there are some that have extremely high frequencies! High vibration essential oils are simply oils that vibrate at higher vibrational frequencies. Learn how using certain oils can potentially increase your bodies overall vibrational frequency and better your health.

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How Can Essential Oils Raise Your Vibrational Frequency?

Energy is in all things, not just living things, but literally everything on this earth! When you look around your room, everything you see is vibrating at different electromagnetic frequencies. The chair you’re sitting on, the phone you’re holding, the plant in the corner of the room, everything, including yourself, is vibrating at different frequencies.

Our bodies are made up of molecules and that’s what vibrates. Molecules vibrating faster have higher frequencies than those that vibrate slower. It’s interesting that all of our bodies operate at different frequencies which is why everyone’s energy is different. It has been said that we should keep at a higher frequency levels for optimal balance and health.

An Introduction To Our Body’s Frequencies

When we think of our bodies, we think of a walking bag of flesh and bone. However, everything in our bodies vibrates at certain frequencies. Our cells, brains, and even the finger you’re using to scroll through this information vibrate at frequency. Our bodies are more than just flesh and bone because energy is everywhere. Even our tiny microscopic cells use energy.

If you’ve ever heard of chakras in our body, they are exactly that. Energy! They are known as the “wheels of energy” in our body that are commonly referred to and addressed in meditation and yoga practice. There are seven main chakras in our bodies that are important to keep flowing to keep our energy in balance.

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Did you know? Each chakra has its OWN vibrational frequency, the crown being the highest.

When it comes to cells in our bodies, they need to operate efficiently in order to do their primary function of providing energy for the body. And when your cells are healthy, they’re operating at a higher vibrational frequency. Think of having an internal battery that is fully charged! This is what we want! Low frequencies are not good and can be detrimental to our bodies.

What is a healthy body frequency?

According to Bruce Tainio, a researcher and founder of Tainio technology, the healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz, and diseases starts when the frequency drops to 58 MHz. This is definitely something we need to be aware of especially if our goal from using essential oils is to better our overall well being.

High Frequency vs. Low Frequency

To stay healthy and balanced, you need to aim for a lifestyle that maintains high vibrations. Every action you take, every product you use on your body, every piece of food you consume will affect your body’s vibrational frequency.

Doing things that are not healthy for your mind or body will have adverse affects on your body and negatively affect its frequency. If you reach for a bottle of alcohol, then you’re lowering your body’s frequency. If you reach for an organic apple, then you’re raising your body’s vibrational frequency.

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Feelings of anxiousness, jealously, anger, they can all negatively impact your vibrational frequency. It’s not easy to always stay positive, but keeping your thoughts positively charged can make a big difference in raising your vibrational frequency. Living a high-frequency lifestyle also means being conscious of the world around you.

You have to make a conscious effort to remove toxic people in your life. Staying around people with lower frequencies through negativity can bring you down. You can change your surroundings to raise your own vibration. Releasing negative people or situations in your life will allow you to be in a place where you can increase your vibrations to be a healthier person. Sometimes, you need to take a break from it all and spend time out in a high vibration environment such as nature. Surrounding yourself with trees and wildlife will quickly raise your vibrational frequency.

Escaping Negative Frequencies

What if you’re not in a place where you can raise your vibrational frequency by escaping to nature or leaving toxic people in the past? Sometimes that isn’t realistic. These negative people and their negative energy might be in close proximity, like family members. The environment you live in could cause depression and lower vibrational frequencies that are hard to escape. You might not have any personal days to take off of work to escape into nature. Does this mean you’re doomed to a life of low vibrational frequency? Not at all. That doesn’t have to be the case. Foods that are organic and pure, like essential oils, may help to raise our own vibrational frequency naturally.

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Using Essential Oils to Raise Our Vibrational Frequency

Everything you do and experience daily, from the products you use to your environment, can fluctuate your body frequency. This ALSO includes the essential oils we consume or use topically. Essential oils are made from plants that naturally have higher frequencies. ALL essential oils have high frequencies because of their natural, pure state. Not only are essential oils higher in frequency, but they have other health benefits as well that can do wonders for your overall frequency.

The Benefits Of Using Higher Frequency Oils

When you’re suffering from a disease or have any form of pain caused by inflammation, you’ll have a lower vibrational frequency. Essential oils can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscle tension.

Essential oils also help calm any negative thoughts you’re having that can lower the body’s frequency. Even inhaling essential oils as part of an aromatherapy routine can naturally relieve anxiety. Depression can reduce your body’s vibrational frequency because it affects how you mentally and physically react to the environment around you. For example, lavender has been used throughout history for medicinal reasons. When used as an essential oil, it can act as a sedative and antidepressant. When used internally, lavender can calm mood imbalances, anxiety, or gastrointestinal distress caused by stress.

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In addition to that, headaches and migraines can also be very debilitating and can affect your quality of life. Fortunately, peppermint oil has been found to reduce headache pain when applied topically. Essential oils are great for raising our vibrational frequencies because they ALL naturally have relatively high frequencies. Keep in mind that all essential oils have high frequencies, so you don’t need to remember each one, but it’s good to note which of these common essential oils have the highest vibrational frequencies. 

Which Essential Oils Have The Highest Frequencies?

Since your body should optimally be around 70 MHz, you should use essential oils that elevate your body’s average vibrational frequency higher. For example, the lavender essential oil, which is one you should take for anxiety and stress, has around 120 MHz. That’s almost double your body’s optimal average. Peppermint for headaches and migraines has a lower frequency at 78 MHz, but it’s still worth taking because it still brings your vibrational frequency up.

However, the highest frequency goes to an essential oil derived from the rose plant known as rose oil. Rose oil averages a whopping 300+ MHz while coming with its range of benefits from reducing stress and anxiety to stimulating your sex drive.

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Here is a list of oils that have some of the highest frequencies

  • Rose Oil: 300+MHz
  • Frankincense: 147 MHz
  • Lavender: 118 MHz
  • Sandalwood: 96 MHz
  • Myrrh: 105 MHz
  • Blue Chamomile: 105 MHz
  • Juniper: 98 MHz
  • Angelica: 85 MHz
  • Peppermint: 78 MHz

Here is an essential oil frequency chart you can pin or download!

How to use essential Oils

Read about how to use essential oils safely so you can benefit from their high frequencies. You can use them in a diffuser, apply them on your skin, drop some in tea, or simply open it up to inhale the aroma like in aromatherapy. You’ll feel the immediate effect of essential oils on your vibrational frequency.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating things with higher vibrational frequencies into your life is not hard. Since we know that ALL essential oils have the highest frequencies available to us, we would be silly to not take advantage of them! Here are some of the most popular essential oils that can help you increase your body’s frequency.

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  1. Nice article but we should not be ingesting essential oils, no matter what the big (profiting) companies say. They’re too strong internally. To enjoy the same benefits I suggest making a cup of tea with the herb. Save the oils for the diffuser and inhalations 🙂

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