essential oils for writer’s block

There is nothing more frustrating than having something to say, and not having the words to say it. Writer’s block is so frustrating and can cause us writers to fall really behind on work! But don’t worry, essential oils can help you with getting those words out of your brain and onto the page!

Woman writing thinking about what to do next.

Writers block is a condition where a writer hits a creative slump.

It is something writers dread since it stalls progress for days, weeks or even months! But luckily there are natural solutions!

My favorite solution is diffusing essential oils!

Here are some of the best brain-boosting oils:

  • Peppermint– increase flow and energize and stimulate your brain.
  • Rosemary– clears negative thoughts and a refreshing smell.
  • Frankincense– reminds you all is well, and promotes peace.
  • Lemon– uplifting and cleansing of all those repetitive thoughts.
  • Lavender: calming and soothing. The words will come!
  • Sweet Basil: energizing so you will keep on task and stimulating.
  • Sage– improves your memory and cognition.

How Aromatherapy Helps With Writers Block

Essential oils have terpenes in them which are small organic molecules that can cross the blood-brain barrier. This is why aromatherapy is so effective in stimulating emotions such as relaxation or better yet, vigour which is what will help get those creative juices flowing!

Finding Your ‘Why?”

When it comes to writer’s block, finding the reason behind it can help not only cure that blockage, but address the essential oil that will benefit you the most.

Below you will find a list of common reasons you may be feeling linguistically trapped, and the oil blend we would pair with it.

1. Fear

Lavender and Rosemary

If you are writing something, most likely it is for an audience. The idea that someone may be looking at, or critiquing your writing can feel very scary, and fear can absolutely pump the breaks on the creative.

Try meditating with some lavender to soothe your mind, and rosemary to get rid of your negativity. You’re writing for a reason. You have something great to share!

Woman sitting in bed at laptop typing.

2. Perfectionism


Writer’s block can absolutely get kicked into high gear when we lead with the perfectionist part of our brain. But not all writing has to start with a perfect bullseye!

Lemon is thought to help with cleansing thoughts, and could be beneficial if certain words or phrases are stuck in your head. Getting anything new down on paper is better than nothin at all.

Did you know that essential oils have a shelf life? Make sure your oils have not expired!

3. External Stimuli

Sage and Rosemary

Whether you are a parent with kids running around, or the dog needs to go out, or there is a bird that just WON’T stop chirping, external stimuli will stop us from getting those words on the paper.

Don’t allow anything to pull your focus. Sage will work to improve cognition, while rosemary will bring you back to the “now”. Consider burning rosemary incense while meditation as an alternative to diffusing it.

Woman writing in a book outside.

You’ve got this!

Whether it is in your head, or all around you … something is stopping you from writing but it doesn’t have to be permanent! Writer’s block can feel so debilitating so instead of hiding from it, try your best to embrace it!

Get yourself to a peaceful place physically and mentally and if needed and if you have to, bring along a portable diffuser so you can diffuse wherever is needed! My hope is that you will find essential oils helpful in getting to a peaceful place emotionally. Until then, don’t stop! 🙂 I can’t wait to read your work!

Looking for more on essential oils help? I’ve got you!

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