Essential Oils

Here I share everything I know about essential oils such as how to use them at home safely, my favorites, the best diffusers, specific oil benefits and other interesting ways oils can promote wellness and health.

15 Essential Oils That Will Support Your Immune System

Supporting our immune system is the number one priority when it comes to preventing illnesses and improving our well-being. And with the way things have been these last few years, our immune systems need as much support as possible. I personally love the idea of strengthening my immune system naturally and essential oils are the …

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Top Wooden Essential Oil Diffusers in 2021

Essential oil diffusers are super popular these days for good reason. They are an inexpensive way to make your home smell great as well as support our health naturally. Here are some of the top all natural wooden essential oil diffusers that require no electricity but will still meet your aromatherapy needs. A Little Background …

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High Vibration Essential Oils

Although ALL essential oils have pretty high vibrational frequencies, there are some that have extremely high frequencies! High vibration essential oils are simply oils that vibrate at higher vibrational frequencies. Learn how using certain oils can potentially increase your bodies overall vibrational frequency and better your health. How Can Essential Oils Raise Your Vibrational Frequency? …

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