Best Incense For Meditation

With the increasing stresses of life, people are trying to find different ways to unwind. One of the most popular choices is mediation! Take your meditation to the next level by burning incense. What are the best incense choices to burn for meditation?

girl meditating on a rock.

The Best Oils To burn while meditating

  • Frankincense this is the most popular insence to burn while meditaqtion. It’s a calming scent and can relieve stress. Isn’t that why we are meditating?!
  • Lavender No smell helps to calm us down and take away anxiety in quite the same way. Burning this when you are meditating on eliminating anxiety can really help to control your pulse and heart rate.
  • Rosemary- This can help with clarity, and meditation can sometimes be used when seeking answers of clarity in life. (Rosemary is such an amazing smell. Click on that name to read more about the benefits of this oil.)
  • Lemongrass- If you are looking to focus, this smell can help up with that. Lemongrass can help bring focus into the moment, and make you more aware of your body. Meditation is important in that it’s purpose is to bring the awareness into your body and mind.
  • Sandalwood- This has been thought to be a cleansing smell- which is great for meditation and cleansing negative or unwanted thoughts or bodily feelings. We love this smell so much we wrote a whole blog on the meaning.
  • Hedychium Oil– This oil is a woody, spicy oil with sweet floral notes. It is said to promote calming and grounding.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a little more than the “ohhhhm” image that springs to mind. Like yoga, the benefit of this type of practice is a spiritual connection of your mind and your body.

People who have a hard time tuning into their emotional needs, or quieting their brains from intrusive, negative or busy thoughts have found great success with implementing meditation.

You can really meditate anywhere, and it is so popular now that there are even guided meditations and meditation apps you can use if you are unsure where to start!

Woman meditation on floor.

Meditation benefits include:

There are both mental and physical benefits for meditation. Not only can it help you mentally, but more and more people are finding the connection between physical and mental connections with meditation.

  • better focus
  • improved self awareness
  • lower levels of stress
  • improving tolerance for pain
  • reducing negative feelings
  • reducing physical pain

Did you know meditation is more popular than ever? The number of people practicing meditation has more than tripled since 2012!

Burning incense in a pot.

history of incense

Thought to have been used over 6,000 years ago, this Mesopotamian and Egyptian method of burning fragrant materials. It has been linked to Asia, India and ancient China.

It has been thought to have been used during meditation, for rituals and for relaxation.

It is now most commonly used to set a tone for the room in which it is used. The fragrances can have different affects in the place where it is burnt.

Incense smoke burning.

Combining Meditation With Burning incense

The serene fragrance of incense combined with the unwinding practice of meditation will put your mind and body in the most calm state possible. Both of these practices used in tandem will undoubtedly promote mindfulness and unlock the most benefits.

My favorite incense to burn are frankincense and lavender!

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