Benefits Of Arborvitae Essential Oil

Arborvitae Essential Oil is known as the “tree of life” for a reason. It is a highly valued oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Thuja plicata tree, also known as the Western Red Cedar. It is known for its warm, woody, and earthy aroma and is commonly used in aromatherapy for its grounding and calming properties.

Arborvitae essential oil is also valued for its purifying and cleansing properties, making it a popular choice for use in cleaning products and as a natural insect repellent. It can be used topically or aromatically with a diffuser, and should be used with caution as it is highly concentrated.

bottle of Arborvitae Essential Oil.

What Is Arborvitae Essential Oil?

Arborvitae Essential Oil is a base oil that comes from the heartwood of the Thuja plicata tree also known as Western Red Cedar. They are part of the cypress family. If you haven’t heard of arborvitaes, then we wouldn’t blame you because they’re only in very specific regions of the world. They’re found in North America, mostly in Canada, but are typically located between in the Pacific Northwest.

Thuja plicata tree.

If you’ve ever been around one of these coniferous trees, then you’ll know they can be very aromatic. They have a distinct smell that makes you understand why it was given the nickname “tree of life” and why it was quickly converted into an essential oil.

The oil taken from the tree is concentrated in methyl thujate, which according to Science Direct, may have therapeutic potential in regards to human skin cell inflammation among other benefits.

What Are Some Arborvitae Oil Uses?


Surprisingly, arborvitae essential oils have some uses that many other essential oils don’t. For one, arborvitae essential oils are just as beneficial for your home as it is for your body. It contains cleaning properties that don’t just freshen the air around you but help keep surfaces clean and free of allergens and bacteria.

The purifying agent found in arborvitae essential oils blends well with a lemon essential oil that you can mix into a spray bottle for a do-it-yourself cleaner that keeps your home smelling great.

spray bottle of Arborvitae Oil and water

Combine Arborvitae Oil in a spray bottle with some water and use it as a powerful cleansing agent around the house!

Wood Polish

Now, if you’re looking for a good wood polish, then look no further than a blend of arborvitae and orange essential oils. You can mix drops of both into a spray bottle with olive oil and vinegar to bring the shine and aroma back to your wood furniture. The nourishing properties of orange essential oils will help bring back out the best in your wood. It’s always a good rule of thumb not to rub your wood down with cleaners that contain harmful chemicals. This blend of arborvitae and orange is the perfect alternative without any of the harmful toxins.


This oil has a very grounding and calming aroma making it ideal for distressing or relieving anxiety. If you really want to get creative, then you can walk around smelling like the musk of an outdoor person by using a blend of arborvitae and cedarwood essential oils. Mixing up the blend with different outdoor smells inside of a small spray bottle gives you a calm and inviting aroma without any of the harmful chemicals on your skin. Spraying some on your skin can also act as a natural bug repellant if you’re not looking to get those bug sprays that have harmful chemicals.

If you’re looking for other essential oils that blend well with arborvitae, then you’ll want to look for jasmine, cassia, birch, frankincense, or lavender.

Now that you know some of the uses for arborvitae essential oils, you can look at what benefits it has for you.

Arborvitae tree branch

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Arborvitae Oil?

Here are some benefits of using Arborvitae Oil:

  • May reduce inflammation
  • Can help protect against seasonal allergies
  • Clean your home
  • Calm your mind
  • Bug repellent
  • Preserve wood

Bringing life back to your wood and cleaning your home is great and a healthier alternative to using other wood products like Pledge, which is loaded with toxins.

Regarding health,arborvitae oil can also help reduce cell inflammation. There are so many medical conditions linked to inflammation, from arthritis to depression so this benefit is huge. Inflammation in the body is something that causes lots of health issues and is often hard to treat without drugs.

Using arborvitae essential oil in a diffuser or rubbing it onto your wrists, with a carrier oil, can help bring down stress levels, reduce inflammation, and improve your mood. Reducing inflammation in your lungs can also help you lower your risk of various lung-related health concerns and improve your overall respiratory health.

adding Arborvitae essential oil to a diffuser.

Arborvitae essential oil also help calm your mind and is the perfect oil for any yoga or meditation session. Placing a few drops into a diffuser for example, can help activate your body’s parasympathetic nervous system which counteracts any stress or anxiety you may be feeling at that present moment.

Arborvitae essential oil is not as well known as others, but, hopefully, people will start to realize its many uses and benefits as an alternative to chemically-harmful bug spray, cologne, wood polish, surface cleaner, and calming agent. This oil has been around for hundreds of years, and we’re looking forward to seeing more people discover its wealth of benefits.

arborvitae essential oil branch with text overlay of other oils that blend well

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